total intelligent machine (T.I.M)

Two quantum physicists and TIM, the most powerful computer in the world employ the help of musical characters in their attempt to reboot reality while avoiding capture from the nefarious MIC organization.   Their wicked jams funnel energy to their indestructible all-protecting virtual holographic white VAMM as they traverse the twisted and bizarre multiverse on their adventures.

Created by Davy Force, Brien Rullman and Tim Brunet.

TOTAL INTELLIGENT MACHINE is an HDTV series that has produced a 3 webisode series pilot, was adapted for a promotional film for Insomniac, and is gearing up for our next (next next level!) 3 pieced micro-feature. Our initial format was that of a multicamera live switched 'live' show (as seen in eps 1,2 and 3) but the show has since developed into a full blown cinematic storytelling adventure film format, which will come to fruition with the creation of upcoming the Hollywood-style mega-pisodes 4,5 and 6.

The imagery and videos you see here are the culmination of a shoestring development effort to create TOTAL INTELLIGENT MACHINE. We believe this concept could be developed into something extraordinary if a production partner or Network would take this to the eleventh level. Meanwhile, the show is being independently produced by Force!Extreme and the creators and despite our limited budget, we plan to make a top quality 3 episode micro-feature in 2013.

The Prime Objective:
The Unit consists of scientists DR. CHARLES JUPITER POWERS and DR. DIZZWALD FUZZWORTH and their quantum computer invention, T.I.M. the Total Intelligent Machine. Their prime objective is to keep T.I.M. and their subsequent earth shattering technologies out of the hands of the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) who wants to utilize their discoveries for incredibly dangerous weaponry (IDW).
15 Episodes

Each three episodes is a Micro-Feature


Hollywood-style digital effects

Awesome Jams!

Wicked jams featuring musical guest characters!


The unit is assisted by popular musical guests



Total Intelligent Machine (T.I.M.) is the first true 4th Dimensional quantum computer ever constucted by humans. T.I.M is also the first and only machine to have reached singularity, obtain faster than light speed computing, access limitless storage mediums and become fully self aware. T.I.M. has a 47 Qubit Operating System with a processing speed in excess of 22 yottaflops and an outerdimensional storage system that can store a theoretically infinite number of qubits directly within 4th dimensional waveicles. T.I.M. has a quantum level spacelet thinking mechanism, meaning T.I.M. Does not Think, He SThinks. T.I.M. Has deep understandings and control of quantum forces and can employ highly exotic and untraceable STP space time protocol to maintain the prime objective.

The VIRTUAL AUGEMENTED MOLECULAR MANIFESTATION (VAMM) is a "realspace" virtual compartmentalizing and containment platform developed by Dr. C.J. Powers to operate using T.I.M.s OpenRealities operating system. It is used by the unit as a protective proxy vehicle so they can safely traverse 3D/4D timespace, avoid interception, and keep detection and time signatures to a maximal minimum. Since it is a virtual vehicle, it can theoretically take any shape but projections have determined the most stable shape to be variations of a standard white cargo van.

The J-PLEX POWERCORE is the semi-physical fusion reactor powerplant that solely powers the VAMM. It employs JAMFUSION technology designed by Dr. D Fuzzworth to harness, amplify and store resonant multipliers based on critical chaotic psychic frequencies that occur during improvised human rhythharmonic periods. These periods, known commonly as "Hard Rockin' Jam Sessions" excite molecules within the J-PLEX POWERCORE's reaction zone and can be used to power the VAMM directly or be stored indefinitely for immediate VAMM access.

The Military Industrial Complex or MIC is the units's term for the umbrella of multinational government and corporate agencies that are currently tracking them and attempting to reaquire T.I.M. with extreme force. Within these organizations (numbering over 50) there are differing factions, with some working together while others work competively and/or independantly. While a majority of the MIC units use traditional 3D means of detection and interception that are easy for the T.I.M. to recalculate, there are elite units that have employed exotic quantum activated technologies (Delorean SUVs) in their attempt to subdue the crew and aquire T.I.M. for nefarious purposes.


There are no true facts.